DEC Toddler (2-5 years old)

DEC Toddler Ministry is a warm and loving spiritual home for our toddlers. Our teachers use genuine love, wise counsel, and biblical teaching to plant the seeds of eternal life into each child’s heart. Through worship and praise, Bible stories, and God’s love and patience, we hope that these seeds will take root in each child as they grow up to be used by God in His kingdom.

DEC Children (6-11 years old)

At DEC Children, our goal is to build God’s children for the future. We help the children find indestructible joy in Christ. We help them understand that each of them are unique and God made them for a special purpose. We teach them bible truth so that they can stand firm when facing difficulties even at this young age. We help them learn to love others, because the bible says to love your neighbor. We remind children that God is with them wherever they are and they should never be afraid.

DEC Youth (12-18 years old)

As the youth ministry of Dynamic Evangelism Church, our desire is to see young people establish their faith in Christ Jesus and grow in how they treasure Him, proclaim Him, and obey Him in all aspects of life. This is done through regular preaching, fellowship and small group discipleship. We strive to walk with young people as they transition to adulthood, formulating their own spiritual convictions as they understand, apply, and delight in God’s Word.

Welcome to DEC Children & Youth