What Is 365 Bible Reading?

365 Bible Reading is an everyday bible reading program throughout the whole year led by youth staff, helping youth read God’s Words and build up by His Words.
1. Read. Put effort to grow in God’s word.
2. Understand. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide us and have a deeper understanding.
3. Apply. Apply what we learned from God’s Words in our daily life.

Meet Time

Everyday from 8:30 pm -9:15 pm

Wonder What Does 365 Bible Reading Look Like?

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QT means Quiet Time, or devotional time, is a daily appointment with God. Quiet Time aids our spiritual growth as we intentionally set aside a time and quiet place to meet with God one-on-one and receive bread through reading and meditating on Scripture, hearing from God through His Word, and applying what we learn in our lives.

How to do QT?


Prepare your heart by quieting your thoughts and focusing on God. Pray and ask God to open your spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear from Him(Ps. 119:18)


Read through the Scripture two to three times. First, read overall meaning; approach even familiar Scripture as if you are reading it for the first time. Next, take note of any verses that the Holy Spirit impresses upon you (Ps. 119:34)


Meditate on the verse that stood out to you(Ps. 119:97). Reflect on what and why those verses are speaking to you. Record your thoughts. Use the Refection section as a supplement to help you meditate on the passage and provide insight.


Move from thought to action (Ps.119:9). Whatever God reveals to you, obey(1 Sam.15:22). It may be a call to repent, a word of encouragement, or even direction for the future. Be specific in your application; broad generalizations such as “love your neighbor” are difficult to apply. The application points can also help you act on what you have read.

5. Pray

Pray and ask God for wisdom and courage to obey whatever message He has given you. Surrender the day to Him and ask that His will would be done through your life (1 Peter.5:7; Mark 14:36) .

6. Share

Share what you have learned with others to glorify God (Jer. 1:9). Learn how God has spoken to others through the same passage. Mutually encourage one another (Heb. 10:24-25).

I Love Jesus (Grades1-3)
I Love Jesus (Grades4-6)
Sena (Youth)
Living Life (Adult)

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